How I would have done the Star Wars Prequels

Well, it’s late, I’m thoughtful, and I don’t actually like fan-fiction, but still, I thought I would talk about something.  I, like all of you, hated the prequels to Star Wars.  We waited so long for the magic to come back, but our waiting was worthless.  It was all a complete farce, and a knife in our backs.  I’m sure a million and one people have writtens posts like these, well so what?!  I am going to add my thoughts to the mix.  So, what would I have done different?  We’re going to be here a while.

Episode I –

I would have changed almost everything.  For one thing, the premise would be completely different.  I would have taken the premise from Episode II and put it here.  The Republic is falling apart.  Star systems are declaring that they have plans to leave the Republic.  The Jedi are losing control of the situation.

Enter our Jedi – Obi-Wan and Yoda.  And Yoda is his master.  You know, in keeping with the canon.  Novel concept, I’m sure.  They are returning to the capital, to debate whether the Republic’s clone army, which up until this point had been simply used to monitor the Outer Ring worlds, which were clearly lawless and often a threat, and use them to help the dismayed Jedi.  And instead of being a whiny bitch, Obi-Wan would have been a reckless and rather daring youth, who annoys Yoda to no end.  He hadn’t gotten the sagacious wisdom from the original films yet.  He’s smarmy, a total smart-ass, but is very skilled.

Speaking changes in character, I would also have made Anakin a young man.  I wouldn’t have started when he was a kid.  Obi-Wan said in the original films that when he met him, Anakin was already the greatest star pilot in the Galaxy.  Here, he would a young smuggler, and not played by Hayden Christensen.  And also, I wouldn’t have gotten rid of Jar Jar Binks.  I would have just made some MAJOR changes to him!  For one thing, his voice would be lower, and he wouldn’t be stupid.  He would be Anakin’s partner in smuggling, and know how to use a gun.  His look I can work with, his character needs some change.

Obi-Wan immediately senses that the Force is incredibly strong within Anakin, and it guides him as a pilot.  Anakin normally doesn’t get involved in the political going-ons of the Republic, but through a series of events, he and Obi-Wan end up trying to figure out the mystery of the reason the star systems are leaving.  They inevitably learn that these events are being manipulated by a Sith lord.  This revelation shocks the Jedi Order to its core.

Oh, that’s another change.  The Jedi Order wouldn’t be in a skyscraper, but on its own planet, in a giant temple, like a kind of monastary.  And we’d put it in the mountains.  But that’s a small detail.  Too late do the Jedi realize what is happening, as war is declared by the Separatists.  At this time, Obi-Wan is made a Jedi Master, and his first act is to take his friend under his wing and teach him the ways of the Force.

I would have the clones, but they aren’t the original army that was made.  The original army of the Republic would be troops from their respective planets.  One of the plot points of the film would be that someone ordered the creation of the clones, and since the Republic’s forces are not large enough to contend with the droid armies that the separatists have raised, they accept it, not knowing that it is part of a larger goal.

Episode II –

This would have begun well into the war.  The Jedi are spread dangerously thin, and things are getting more complicated.  Meanwhile, Anakin is learning the ways of the Force.  Obi-Wan has toned down quite a bit now, and is actually trying to be the best mentor that he can be to him.  However, while teaching him the ways of the Force, he is also fighting a war.

Here, we meet several characters.  The first is General Grievous.  Now, I loved him in Episode III.  But I would have changed a couple things.  First, the fact that he can use a lightsaber, that’s awesome!  But instead of him just swinging his arms around, I would have made him a competant swordsman, and a good commander.  He becomes a legitimate threat to the Jedi, and worthy of respect.

Next up would be Anakin’s love-interest.  She isn’t going to be royalty, but a pilot.  At first, she wants nothing to do with him.  She is a dedicated soldier, fighting in a war.  But over time, the two bond because they become battle-buddies, and then more.  It’s a believable interaction, unlike how the actual film had it portrayed.

I would also introduce Senator Organa, who came up later in the series, with how Princess Leia recruited Obi-Wan to their cause.  He would be a gifted Republic commander, going up against the equally-talented Grievous.  It would be a battle of minds.

Anakin is trying to be a good guy, but his smuggler attitude is still a very large part of his personality.  As such, he is easily prone to taking the easy way out of things.  And he is also a brilliant student, becoming as good as Obi-Wan very quickly. You see a hint to his future when it also shows an angry side to him during a very one-sided battle where he loses control and slaughters both the droid and living foes.  Shaken, he tries to forget it happened.  Hiding himself from this is what inevitably destroys him.

Another thing about Anakin is that he is really tight with the Chancellor.  Palpatine has a reputation of being a bit of a smooth-talker and corrupt.  But he got things done, which is why people trust him.  Kind of like Bill Clinton.  Which just so happens to coincident with another thing that is happening in this film – the Chancellor being given a LOT of power, very quickly.  This gets the Jedi’s attention, but since they are too busy leading a war effort, they are unable to do anything about it.  This proves to be their undoing.  The film ends with the Chancellor being given total power by the Senate, in the interest of staving off war.  Obi-Wan and Anakin again face off with the Sith enemy.  They are again bested by him, and Obi-Wan is injured.  Anakin against surrenders to his anger, but is beaten still by his enemy.  Yoda manages to save them, but the Sith Lord escapes.  It also ends with Anakin and the female-lead beginning a forbidden romance.

Episode III –

Like the original film, this one opens with General Grievous and his forces have kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine.  It is an incredibly daring move that none of the Jedi or commanders saw coming.  Obi-Wan and Anakin are called in to assist in the rescue operation.  You see early on that Anakin is now an incredible Jedi, easily able to outmatch any opponent he comes across.  Obi-Wan now is less like a mentor, and more like a friend.  The two are battle-buddies, and a good team.

Instead of the big show-down being with the Sith Lord, here, it is with Grievous.  And what a battle it is.  When he brutally hurts Obi-Wan, Anakin again becomes enraged, and a brutal battle goes on, eventually ending in Anakin killing Grievous in cold blood.  Obi-Wan and the Chancellor are appalled (well, you know the Chancellor is acting it, but it is done well), but accept things, as they make their escape.

Now the quest is on to find the Sith Lord and to end things.  The two begin their quest, hunting down the man through the ranks of the Separatist army.  The tide of the war is looking to be turning.  Obi-Wan and Anakin travel from battlefield to battlefield, trying to find him.

Meanwhile, the clandestine romance between Anakin and the pilot has really heated up.  She keeps meaning to tell him, but never gets the chance to that she is pregnant.  She is starting to notice that he is getting angrier and angrier, the longer the search for the Sith Lord goes.  He views this man as responsible for killing Jedi.  While he is anger for a good cause, it is starting to consume him.  Obi-Wan, since Anakin is his friend, isn’t seeing the darkness building inside of him.

After a while, the two get a solid lead on his location, and the hunt is on.  They take the Republic’s army and fight their way through a Separatist fortress.  While the battle is raging, Obi-Wan and Anakin sneak through the base, and then find the Sith Lord.  The battle is also incredibly fierce, but immediately, Anakin surrenders to his anger, thus making him very powerful.  He even kills the man, and almost turns on Obi-Wan when he is chastized.  That is when Obi-Wan realizes that something is very wrong.

What happens next is that the Chancellor orders the clones to turn on the Jedi.  Thus begins another part of the Clone Wars – a civil war within their own forces.  See, the clones are loyal to the Chancellor, who it is revealed is the one who ordered their creation and has absolute authority over them.  However, the forces who were raised up from the various planets are loyal to the Jedi.  As the clones start trying to kill off the Jedi, there is a lot of resistance.  Old battle lines that were finished are reopened as the war begins anew, which is destroying the Republic even more.

Obi-Wan and Anakin escape as the fortress world is taken.  They try to find whatever Jedi are left, but none answer the call.  Anakin returns to the Chancellor, who uses their friendship to convince him that the uprising of the non-clone troops was organized by the Jedi.  Since Anakin is already in the Dark Side’s sway, he doesn’t question it too much.  However, there is another problem to be dealt with first.  He is sent to do battle with the Separatist commanders, and to end the with the Separatists.  Obi-Wan, meanwhile, goes with Yoda to the temple.  It is discovered that the place has been completely destroyed, but not all Jedi were killed.  The uprising forces, who will later become the Rebellion, got some of them to safety.  Yoda goes to get who he can.

Then comes the final battle.  Obi-Wan seeks out Anakin, while Yoda goes to face the Chancellor.  There, he learns the truth about everything.  This had all been set up ages ago, and now, the Senate had given him complete authority, and the Jedi were dead.  The grand duels happen, just as we remembered, and Obi-Wan leaves, barely victorious, but unable to kill his friend, comrade, and brother.  Yoda is defeated, and leaves.  The two go to find where the Pilot and the Senator are waiting for them.  However, the Empire’s forces are not far behind as the Pilot gives birth to Anakin’s children.  The station they go to comes under attack and the last remaining Jedi help who they can get away.  The Pilot gets killed in the attack, with her children getting out safely.

So, that’s my changes.  I think it would be a much better idea.  But that’s just me.

Until next time, a quote,

“Army or not, you must realize, you are doomed!”  -General Grievous

Peace out,



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