What is God?

What is God?

Is God a man? Is God a woman? Is God something that humanity can understand?
Those who believe in God say that he/she/it is the being that created all of the known universe.  Ice cream, pancakes, boobies, video games, cars, green-friendly light bulbs, meaty pizza, all of these things supposedly come from God.  He is the force that breathed life into this vast universe that we know so little about.  He created it all.  If he is a he.  And if he is something that we can understand.

But what is God?

To most people, God just seems to be something that they scream when they are angry.  Something that they scream when they are cumming.  To most people, God is just something that they thank when a relative gets better from a life-threatening illness, not the doctor that worked tirelessly to keep their loved one alive.  Or it is somebody to thank before a meal, not the farmer who grew the crops, or the factories where the food was packaged, or the people who slaughtered the animals to make the meal.

Perhaps, God is a question?

When people see their friends worshiping this character, they ask themselves, “should I worship it too?”  When people see something that they can’t understand, the ask – “Did God do this?”  When good things happen in a person’s life they ask themselves – “Did God give me this?”  When something bad happens, people ask themselves – “Is God with me?”

Or perhaps God is an escape?

Every single day, people are finding ways to escape the bitter unpleasantness of reality.  People drink, people fuck, people smoke, people shoot up.  Everybody, everywhere has a need to escape because, let’s face it, life sucks.  But think about this – people say that God is everywhere all the time.  They say that God is in all the beauty and the splendor of the universe.  Does that not also mean that he is in the ugliness and disgustingness of the universe?

Maybe God is an expression?

When you stub your toe, you say “God-dammit!”  When somebody sneezes, people will say to them, “God bless you.”  When people want something to happen, they say “God-willing.”  When something overwhelms you, you say, “oh my god.”  Even atheists like me still say that one.  When bad things happen, a person will ask – “Why god?”  There are those who will say – “God works in mysterious ways,” when they can’t understand the how or why of an event or thing.  When nations are trying to show that they are great, they will say – “God bless America,” or something to that effect.  To deter people from doing wrong, they will say in dark tones – “God is watching you.”  They will then turn around say – “God is good.”  The contradictions are apparent, but nobody pays attention. They will call people who are steadfastly religious “God-fearing,” instead of calling them “God-loving.”  Yet isn’t he supposed to be all-loving?

Is God what we need him to be?

Whenever a person doesn’t like a gay man or a lesbian woman, they will talk about how God doesn’t like that person. He can change from being a tyrant to a healer in a single story. In one book, he is something to fear.  In another book, something to love. He will looke after you when you need him, and then send your enemies into a fiery torment for all eternity, all the while still maintaining his position of being “all-loving.” He has the power to create the universe, yet will still be petty enough for being angry at a man for lying with another man. He is a character who explains what people cannot explain, until another person comes along and explains it (Charles Darwin, anyone?).

Is God you?

God has the habit of being your bias, your prejudice, and your ego whenever it suits you. When you curse the chair that you stubbed your toe on, asking God to damn it, aren’t you damning it? When a person puts a “God bless the troops” bumper sticker on your car, aren’t you just expressing your love for the troops? When a Westboro Baptist Church member holds up a sign that says, “God hates Fags”, doesn’t that just signify your own hatred of homosexuals? When a person thanks God that their loved one recovered, aren’t they really thanking the medical science that saved their loved one’s life, and the doctors who administered it?

What is God?

If you are looking for my opinion, it’s simple – God is what you cannot justify in your own minds.  When you hate a person and you can’t explain why, it’s God.  God is the way you get out of having to question things on anything more than the superficial level.  God is whatever you want him to be at any given time.  God is the variable you can insert into something.  He is the definition of your ignorance.  He is a tape that you use to keep your views of society and the society as you understand it together.  God is the prejudice that you don’t want to have to face.  God is the remedy to your troubles so you don’t have to accept responsibility.  God is the way that you are able to circumvent a conscience because if you can just get all your sins washed away, what does it matter?  God is the lie that you tell yourself at night so that you don’t have to feel bad the next morning.  God is the lie you tell your children so that they can be the way you want them to be.  God is the lie that you tell your wife so that she will stay with you through the hard times.  God is simple your lie.

So, what is God?

Well, that’s easy.  God isn’t real.

Until next time, a quote,

“…Atheism is the position of cosmic humility.”  -TJ Kincaid, Proving Atheism Is True 

Peace out,



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