Heart-Breaking Homophobic Bigotry Right Before Christmas, feel good, Christians?

Now, let me say up-front that the person involved in this conversation may very well have been an atheist, but I can guarantee that conversations JUST like this happen in Christian and “moral” homes all over this country.  This kind of shit not only depresses me, and hurts me, but it also makes me feel just a little bit sick.  I feel actually ill reading this message.  I will give choice clips, like I do in these kinds of posts, and I will then talk about what is so incredibly wrong with this.  Here is the link to the whole conversation, so you can see it for yourself –  http://unicornbooty.com/blog/2011/12/14/this-text-conversation-between-a-hateful-mother-and-gay-son-will-break-your-heart/

U wanna go get fucked and sucked and hen come touch my kids and kiss them and lay in my bed I’m fuckin discussed u discuss me I hate u more than even Rita, do n

This is a conversation between a parent and their kid.  As you can see, the parent is a real piece of work, talking about how much they hate their child.  This is something that is VERY common among Christians circles, and all because Gawd doesn’t want you to suck dick or eat pussy if you are of the same gender as that equipment.  Yes, we should all do everything that Gawd says, since he is such a sweetheart.

I hate ur faggot ass do not wanna from u LIEING basterd,  I read all the sick shit u and your day man were saying getting fucked in ur ass u mast bitch stay away from me, and don’t worry I’m not stomping u I want u gone…u are dead to me…I’m so fucken disgusted by u

See all the loving parenting that is going on right here?  See how much love and acceptance there is right there?  See how this parent is treating their kid like a human being?  This is the kind of shit that just makes one want to kill these people.  Parents like this, any parent who believes that treating your child like this is alright should just be shot.  I hate this person.  I have never met him or her, but I hate them.  They are a monster.  They are horrible people.  There is nothing good that they will ever give to the human race.  But the really heart-breaking part is the response this kid gives –

I don’t know what you want from me. You had no right to go through my phone and read my personal stuff. You look to have a problem with me and if you want to try and make me feel bad for something that I have no control over it than that’s your problem. You can’t make me hate myself for something I kno I have no control over
You can’t be happy with anything you want to be something I’m not.

What a very earnest reply.  This conversation goes on to show how this kid had made peace with the fact that his parents hate him.  I am going to give another reply after this parent goes on forever about how much they hate their child and wish that they would never see them again.  It is absolutely amazing how stoic this kid is, and how they are taking it so well.

It’s not my choice and the sad truth is that I can’t change it. If you won’t change your opinion then there’s rly nothing I can do so its whatever it is what it is
And this time I’m not in some parking lot crying about it because there’s nothing I can do tho. I stopped by wrk for my check and I let Lexi use my phone when u texted me. And I had to comfort her crying in the back room. Funny how I’m immune against the horrible things you say to me and others arent

You gotta love this kid.  He’s strong, really strong.  But this parent, what a piece of shit.  What a complete piece of shit.  There is nothing good about them at all.  I genuinely want to find whoever it is and break their fucking hands.  The same hands that send the texts to this kid telling him how much they hate him.  And even after he tells the parent how awful they are, you know what their response is?

I will never change get out of my life ur dead to me, I am not going to have a fag son. I don’t want u in my life and I’m not kidding. so get ur shit and get out and don’t come back

This little dialogue that this absolute piece of shit parent thinks is acceptable prompts me to ask one thing – why do members of the LGBT community believe in God?  Seriously, why on Earth would you want to believe in something as absolutely fucking disgusting as this God character when he clearly has little to no love for you?  Parents like this are very common.  In the Christian circles, there is story after story from LGBT youth who come out of the closet who get this reaction or worse.  Why would you want to believe in something this cruel?  What possible piece of mind could it give you?  I really am wondering what on Earth would prompt you to care and love a character whose book is teaching other people to hate you?

I don’t want to hate Christians, but until I see a large demographic come out and stand against them, I am not going to support any religion like theirs.  Their religion is one that teaches bigotry, misogyny, homophobia.  If any of us were involved with an organization that had such a large amount of people of the same mindset, we would leave in protest.  Nobody would want to be a part of that.

I seriously advocate that you read all of the dialogue that I provided in the link above.  It is actually beyond heart-breaking.  I want to hold this kid and tell him that it will be alright.  He is immune to their hatred, but I want to do so anyway, because this is too hard for words, and it is just another reason that I HATE Christianity.

Until next time, a quote,

“You have so much hate I don’t want to be associated with you… Which is a shame because fr some reason all I have love for you.”  -probably the strongest son I have seen in some time

Peace out,



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