What Will it Take to be Violent?

So, here’s a brief question to the people who are endlessly advocating that violence is not the answer – when will it be the answer?  There are the idiots who say that violence is NEVER the answer.  Michael Moore seems to have alluded to it today on Countdown with Keith Olbermann.  He said –

My first piece of advice is to be peaceful and non-violent.  Our strength comes in our numbers and in our different values system that we have.  Which is one that does not include violence.”

An interesting perspective.  So, the values system of America is not to be violent.  Gee, that’s funny, because I could have sworn that it was violent revolution that brought about our nation’s independence.  I wonder where the non-violent system of values was then?

I’m starting to get a little annoyed at how everybody is saying that violence is not the answer, that it is never the answer.  I’ll give that it isn’t often the answer, but yeah, it is most definitely the answer, sometimes.  Gandhi originally wanted a violent revolution against the British, but he didn’t have the weapons.  Peace was his second choice.  And peaceful revolution only works if those in power are willing to give up some of their power.  You see Wall Street giving up some of their power anytime soon?

How about World War II?  There was a bigot dictator who wanted to racially and ideologically purify the entire planet.  Violence was the only way that he was stopped.  It’s pretty much an understood fact that it is impossible to reason with those that are evil.  The people who are keeping the middle class in perpetual bondage to poverty, they are evil!  And we have tried to reason with them.  If reasoning with them doesn’t work, if appealing to their consciences’ doesn’t work, if nothing that has been tried before works, I have to ask you – what will?

Look, I believe that you should try peace first, but the fact is that when you have a corrupt system that cares little to nothing about those who are under it, you are pretty much forced to react violently, when it is getting more and more clear that the system doesn’t care what you think.

So, my question to those who are preaching the ridiculous message that peace is always the answer – when do you believe violence is needed?  When do you believe that the situation is so bad, that the only way you can stop it is with violence?  Peace is not always the answer, and anybody who believes otherwise is an idiot.

That’s it.  Short, sweet, and to the point.

Until next time, a quote,

“Peace is power-play.  It does the exact same thing that war does.  Being a ‘wuss’ is actually a means of gaining power, but it only works if those who already have power a willing to give it to you.  So, if you have power, why would you give it to someone weaker than you?  Someone who can’t take it for themselves?”  -TJ Kincaid, Violence Is The Answer 

Peace out,



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