Glenn Beck and Anders Breivik: Are They So Different?

Now, before you all go off saying the Glenn Beck hasn’t killed anybody, I know.  At least that much Beck has going for him.  Of course, his endless quotes telling people to “rise up” and encouraging people to be as militant as possible does say something, but let’s not get too much into that because that isn’t what’s important right now.  What is important right now is the fact that Glenn the fucking idiot Beck seems to agree with all of the talking points of the terrorist in Norway, Anders Breivik.

It has come to light over the last few days that Anders was a very right-wing man.  He hated multiculturalism, the liberal way of thinking, and he also hated Muslims.  He hated that there was Muslim immigration in Norway and Europe.  The real irony of it all is that these have been talking points of, as Keith Olbermann calls him, Lonesome Rhodes Beck for some time.  For those of you who don’t know, the name reference comes from the film “Face in the Crowd.”  I won’t go into that, but it is a good movie.  See it.

Anyway, Beck has mirrored a lot of these points about how Muslims are evil and how they are a threat to western society for some time.  During the big overthrow of the Mubarak regime in Egypt, he was talking about how the Muslim Brotherhood was going to take power and then, take over the world!  This guy has been doing his fear mongering demagoguery like this for years.  Ever since 2009 when Fox News brought him on, as TJ Kincaid said in a recent video

He is a social critic devoid of social awareness and critical thinking.  He’s a brain-dead brain washer and a slightly washed-up on at that.”

The fact is that Glenn Beck shouldn’t be relevant anymore, but he comes back swinging into the spotlight by his most recent comments about the shooting that happened in Oslo, Norway, recently.  His thoughts were so stupid, so ignorant, and have pissed me off.  I have a few choice clips from his radio show that I will play for you now that will prove the Glenn Beck and Anders Breivik really aren’t that different, ideologically speaking.  In fact, they’re the exact same person.

I don’t think we made a comment on it because we didn’t know other than there was a bombing that happened.  And as the thing started to unfold, and there was a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like the Hitler youth, or whatever.  I mean, who does a camp for kids that’s all about politics?”

Unbelieveable!  Un-fucking-believeable!  Does this guy not have any shame at all?  Does the weight of his own evil nature not affect him in the slightest way?  Does the fact that he says things that are so fucking stupid just not get to him?  I guess it must not.  He keeps on about how the liberal mentality is just like Hitler, the same way the pope goes on that atheists are like Hitler, and how Bryan Fischer that gay people are just like Hitler.  Evil fuckers every one.  And they don’t care.  It doesn’t bug them.  They can be as evil as they want and it doesn’t even phase them!  But he keeps going.

And never mind having a camp for the things you believe in.  Beck’s right, that is so weird.

And he continues in his tirade to defend the very points that Breivik was talking about!  Beck goes on in his show about how multi-culturalism is bad and how Islam is bad.

We don’t want to kill our daughters in ‘honor killings.’  We don’t want to stone people to death.  We don’t want our husbands to have, what is it?  Hourly marriage.  We like to call it ‘prostitution’ here in the United States.  That Sharia Law does not have a place in today’s world.”

Those word, the same words that the shooter in Norway was motived by, ideologically speaking.  He was motivated by the belief the Islam is the enemy and multiculturalism was the enemy, the kids at the camp was weird, and he was making what he believed to be a necessary stand against them and the people who espouse those beliefs.  He believed his actions were required.  But every point that he killed all of those people by was the same talking points that Beck just defended!  He defended his mentality and his way of thinking while trying to distance himself from Breivik.  Why?  They’re so much alike.

I suppose probably the biggest difference that I see between Beck and Breivik is that Beck is a Moron, oh sorry, Mormon, and Breivik is a hardcore Christian fundamentalist.  Yup, difference of faith is the only thing (aside from Beck not killing anybody) that I see as a major difference between these two characters and their ideologies.  I like what TJ brought up, that at least with Breivik, he has been deranged on his resume as an excuse for how he behaves.  What is Beck’s excuse?  What is his excuse for his endless amount of bigotry against Islam?  I hate Islam.  I think it violent and loathesome, but I don’t hate the people who believe it.  I hate the belief.  What is Beck’s excuse?  He calls pretty much all Muslims terrorists, all liberals Nazis, anybody who doesn’t agree with him a socialist (not a bad word to me, but then-again, I doubt Beck and any of his dipshit followers know what it really means).

What’s worse is that Beck has a bunch of ignorant dumbass followers who nod their empty heads whenever he talks and sink the money they don’t have into buying his dumbass books and going to his ignorant social gatherings.  People are free to blow their money on whatever they want, but I reserve the right to make fun of them for following a man who basically agreed with everything Breivik did the shooting for.

And the really interesting thing is that Beck tries to seperate himself from Breivik.  Here’s his defense –

 This guy who’s the shooter, is from the right-wing.  Different than our right-wing.  It is still big-government.  He is coming out and he is doing the work of a madman.  He is doing the work of what all people that want big government always do, and that is, commit terrorist acts.”

Yup, everybody who wants big government kills people.  Un-fucking-believable.  This guy is so stupid that there isn’t a way to register his level if idiocy.  His own ignorance is drowning in stupidity.  And what’s more, he agrees with all the talking points of Breivik, but doesn’t get that he does.  Pure stupid.

Until next time, a quote,

“So here’s my question for Glenn Beck – if you’re nothing like Anders Behring Breivik, then why the fuck are you so much like Anders Behring Breivik?”  -TJ Kincaid, Glenn Beck Said What?!?!

Peace out,


6 thoughts on “Glenn Beck and Anders Breivik: Are They So Different?

    • Never cared all that much about typos. Since this is a personal and not a professional blog, typos are that big a concern unless they totally screw it up. Most people fill in the blanks on what was supposed to be said on their own.

  1. Glenn Beck simply points out the obvious fact that the majority of terrorist attacks have been from Muslim radicals, he does not hate Muslims he simply realizes like any rational person that it has a history, if not tendency, towards violence. Glenn Beck often suggests non violent means Anders Breivik is a violent radical, he is just as bad as the Muslim radicals no doubt, There is nothing wrong with any religion or spirituality until it breaches into violence. and yes my good sir i do know what a socialist is, now if you’d be so kind please put down the kool aid and face the real world 🙂 Like us “dipshit followers” have. The fact you have very few quotes from Beck shows you clearly have bias to make Glenn the bad guy regardless of if he really is or not. You saying that Glenn beck is a lot like Anders Breivik is just as bad as the logic you are accusing Glenn of, it is like saying that a peaceful Muslim is really a lot like a terrorist radical Muslim , they have the same beliefs, there fore they are the same? i think not

    • So, you clearly didn’t read what I wrote. Beck agrees with ALL of the talking points that Breivik has. And don’t bullshit me about how non-violent he is. Do you remember all his speeches about how we should kill Bradley Manning? Or maybe the bit he did on his show back on Fox about poisoning the speaker of the house. Or hey, maybe there is that bit about how we need to bomb “FEMA internment camps.” Or do you remember that bit where he said that we should “Shoot them in the head?” He was talking about liberals when he said that, by the way. I love how people like you think that this fallen demagogue of Conservative bullshit is some kind of hero. Here’s an idea, you want a clear picture of what this ass-clown is like, take a look at this – By the way, if you don’t think that Christianity has just as much blood on its hands as Islam, you’re and idiot. Even the bible talks about how soldiers should kill, rape, and “Tear open the bellies” of pregnant women. Here’s a concept – come back at me when you have at least a modicum of an idea about how to make a good argument.

  2. this is not even a glenn beck clip you couldnt even find a clip of glenn beck’s so called hate speech,you had to go to Keith Olberman i wonder why hmm i wonder why it is you cant find any actual clips of glenn Beck’s violent hatred?You have to go to Keith Olberman who hates glenn for free, maybe it is because if you showed the clip it would make it apparent that your quotes are out of context hmm yea, clearly you get all your news from one place and you obviously have it set in your mind that you are right however i fail to see your logic have nice day

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