Bryan Fischer: Uber Christian Bigot and Rick Perry’s Best Friend

It is a big story among the rational and sane community about the lovely affront to the First Amendment (not because he is doing it, but because it is nothing more than official state-endorsed religion) that is going to go down in Houston, Texas.  The Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, is going to have a huge event go down in the Reliant Stadium.  He is trying to get people from all over the country to gather and to pray to God (the Christian God) to solve America’s problems because in his mind, they are “too big” for us dumbass Americans to fix.

So, this “Free Prayer Rally” is Perry’s shindig.  Let’s look beyond the fact that this is an American governor who is holding a prayer event as a state-endorsed event.  Never mind his previous venture which was also a spit in the face of the First Amendment – the “Pray for Rain Day.”  Let’s look beyond all of that and look at this particular issue from another perspective – who is backing it?  The group that is also behind this little soiree is The American Family Association.  One of their champion radio hosts is one of the most spectacular Christian bigots that I have ever seen.  For real, Mike Voris looks tame when compared to this guy.

It should be obvious from the world “Family” in their organization’s title that the first thing they are against is homosexuality.  And Bryan Fischer, their biggest radio host friends and also the director of the AFA’s “Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy” (I know, it sounds really important, but in all truthfulness, it is just hopeless nonsense), is one of the chief champions of homophobic bigotry.  He also hates all kinds of groups.  I am going to give a bunch of quotes and I will comment on each of them and we will get to see what kinds of people Rick Perry, a Governor in America and also a person who believes his role in government is as an army of clergy, is in bed with.  Here are some choice quotes from his radio show called “Focal Point”, and my thoughts along the way.

Do not tell me that we cannot enforce laws against profanity, laws against blasphemy, law against misusing the Lord’s name.  If we can punish somebody for using ‘F’ word, then you can punish somebody for taking the name of God in vain!”

First off, you can’t punish somebody for saying FUCK (I believe in profanity, I really do).  You can fire a person for that, but only because it is unprofessional in the workplace.  You cannot take legal action against a person for saying FUCK.  And second – First Amendment!  No state-endorsed relligion, you moron!

It’s just like Islam, it’s just like the Nazis.  With the Homosexual Lobby, there is no place for freedom of speech.  There is no place for differences of opinion.  There is no place for tolerance.  It is absolutely, utterly intolerant.”

The irony in this statement is almost too obscene for words.  How many Christians get in the face of members of the LGBT community and quote bible verses at them while telling them they are going to burn in Hell?  How many Christians get in the face of atheists like me and tell them they are going to burn in Hell?  Tolerance is an issue to this fucktard?!  That is almost too amazing for words.

God has set boundaries for nations.  These borders are not random, they’re set by God.  In fact, we discovered that in American history.  We tried a number of times to invade Canada and we couldn’t do it!”

Okay, my American history is a tad bit rusty, but when exactly did all of these multiple invasions of Canada occur?  For one thing, there has never been a major disagreement between Canada and the US.  We have never been at war with Canada.  This is so dumb it hurts!  And as for God making that borders of nations, here’s a funny question – what about Africa?  The British just divided up that nations without thinking.  Part of the big political problem with Africa is that their borders were just drawn on a map and are not relevant to the various tribes and groups who live there.  Just more stupidity from a Christoholic.

The Bible teaches us that a change in sexual orientation is possible.  This is a biblical principle.  It is a biblical proclamation.  It is a biblical assertion.”

Yeah, that is just stupid.  I think we all know why (for you Christians without brains [I am fully aware that isn’t all of you, but some], it is because you are born gay!)

 I am convinced that the number one group, the number one class of people who are committing hate-crimes today are homosexual activists.”

Yeah, those homosexuals are just out there beating people up in the street!  They are raping and murdering women because they are straight!  They are doing all kinds of sick shit to guys because they are straight too!  All straight people should be afraid of them in their stylish pumps and tasteful outfits.  Those psychotic bastards!  Moron…

 You’re going to have the homosexual lobby committing one hate-crime after another against service members, especially officers who have deeply held religious convictions about the acceptability of homosexual behavior!”

His thoughts about repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  More ignorant stupid bullshit.  Yeah, I’m sure a serviceman or woman is pretty bitter, but guess what, people are generally decent and the LGBT community has not even anything resembling the amount of dirt the rest of the world has in regards to hate-crimes.  It doesn’t even compare.  This is just ridiculous, but it shows how he is trying to use pathetic emotional-based arguments to get people to attack another group, not caring if they are factual or not.

I’ve never called gay people terrorists, but I have said that what they have done is like domestic terrorism.”

WHAT?!  Is this crazy bastard serious?  So they are blowing up buildings like the Oklahoma City Bomber did?  They are flying planes into buildings?  They are shooting up schools?  How exactly is people wanting to be left alone and be able to love the person they love anything like domestic terrorism, you conceited bigot?!

This is a lifestyle of which participants ought to be ashamed, ought to be embarassed.”

And why does he say that?  Because his Gawd commands him to.

The Nazi Party was formed, ladies and gentleman, in a gay bar, and historians agree.  Hitler’s earlies enforcers, the stormtroopers, the brown shirts, were almost, without exception, homosexuals.”

There needs to be a movement to villify dipshits like this.  This guy’s bigotry is almsot on a shocking level.  This is absolutely incredible.  But what is more incredible than anything else is that Rick Perry is saying that he endorses this kind of bigotry.  Or if he doesn’t openly endorse it, he turns a blind eye to it.

And it is this reason more than any other which is why I say that I think Christianity is a socially corrosive belief system.  We have a guy who is trying to do what the Pope did a little while ago.  The Pope said that Hitler was an atheist, and atheists are evil because Hitler was one of them.  Yeah, and several Popes throughout history have overseen, sometimes personally, the slaughter of innocent people.  Does that mean that all Popes are evil?  And here we have Fischer saying that all Nazis were gay.

Are these the kinds of people you are associating with, Rick?  Are these people your kinds of people?  And for all of America – do you want a person who condones this kind of bigoted behavior leading this country?!  He may make a Presidential run in 2012.  Do you want him in the White House?

I really hope not.

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s not hate-speech.  It’s the truth!  It’s freedom!  Apart from when you criticize him, then it’s hate speech.  It’s a hate-crime when you criticize him.  He’s saying is the truth.  The gays, the Nazis and the Muslims.  Fuck you, Rick Perry!”  -Richard Coughlin, The Free Hate Rally 

Peace out,


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