Stupid Things People Get Judged For

So, I thought I would do a post completely not-religious and completely not-political.  I thought I would address something REALLY stupid that happens in modern culture all the time.  I will never understand this, but perhaps I am just part of a breed of people who simply don’t understand.  I will never get this obsession in our culture with something so hopelessly pointless and constantly changing.  That’s what really kills me about this new trend in our society – that it constantly changes, and yet people can be judged very harshly for these things.  I am going to be talking in this post about really stupid things that people can and DO get judged for all the time.

A really big thing that people get judged for is their hair.  There was a whole episode of Penn and Teller’s show Bullshit! talking about this particular phenomenon.  People obsess over their hair.  People are desperate to have it.  In a large part of male society, being bald is considered the absolute worse possible thing to be.  Women will spend hundreds of dollars a week in some places to get their hair regularly worked on.  People pay tens of thousands of dollars a year on hair products (some, not all, or probably even most, but I’m making a point).  This is a multi-billion dollar industry, and for what?  So that you can pretend to be younger and more good-looking.

People will not only work on the length and look of their hair, but the color too.  Men and women will pay large amounts of money to get their hair colored.  Why does it matter?  This is one of those things that just seems so childish.  Of course, all of the things on this list seem dumb to me.  Honestly, I want a direct answer – what exactly about your hair length or style means anything?  One of my favorite people used to believe that looking natural, just being who you are was what mattered.  Of course, that sentiment can go on to any part of this list.

Another really stupid thing people get judged for is their clothing.  Every year I have to suffer as a journalist from having to be bombarded by articles about what which celebrity was wearing to some awards show or something.  There is a reason that magazines like Elle and Vogue do so well.  Fashion is probably a multi-trillion dollar industry.  People will spend metric fuck-tons of money on this stuff.  The new dress, the new gloves, the newest sweater, shirt, you named it.  There is massive amounts of money that people are willing to flush down the drain.  One statistic had it that online sales of clothes for the year of 2006 was over $259 billion.  Wow…unreal.  It was well over the amount of money that computers, which were the highest selling product until that point had gone for.

The fact about fashion is that it is constantly changing.  Jesse Einsburg’s line in The Social Network was absolutely right.  Fashion is never finished.  It changes every single year and it is a force almost of nature.  But people will get judged pretty freakin’ hard for the clothes they wear.  I have a friend who is a nature child.  She doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks of what she wears.  She does what she pleases with her look, and it is pretty cool.  People who can rise above the shallow Sex and the City clothes demagogery of this industry.  The irony of it all is that shows like that tend to legitimize and canonize fashion, like that is all that matters.

The fact is that fashion is like anything else – something that constantly changes, and never stays the same.  It is just a cheap way that a person can view who you are without getting to know you.  It is a way that somebody can make a judgment without knowing the truth, or caring what the truth actually is.  They don’t, you know.  They don’t give a damn about who you are as a person, just what you wear, and if it looks good on you.  People who get such an emotional catharsis out of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy are fools who are too shallow to understand how pathetic they actually are.

Then there is the greatest example of really stupid things to judge another person for – shoes.  You know, let’s get into a bit of science for a moment.  Heels are not a good thing for women.  The higher the heel, the worse the effect actually is.  They can effect both the leg and the foot in a severely negative way.  They can result in blisters, hammer-toe, bunions, Morton’s Neuroma, and many other unpleasant things.  And why do women subject themselves to this?  Well, so they can be viewed as attractive by shallow men.  Myself, I prefer girls not to wear heels, but that’s because it is healthy, and it even looks unnatural to me.  Besides, the heels are just an illusion.  That’s the truth.  They are an illusion to make it look like women have taller and more slender legs.  Are people honestly fooled by this?

Take a look at the picture to your left.  Doesn’t that looks like the stupidest thing you have ever seen?  I mean, honestly, those shoes look like the bottom part of a shoe got caught in a slingshot.  And what’s more, the typical woman feels pain while wearing them.  Women often take them off looking like they were being tortured.  Is it really worth it for the simple basic temporary look that you want people to believe you have?  Is it worth it to look attractive to people so shallow that who you are beneath the shoes means nothing?  What really gives a shit about what kind of shoe a person wears?

I don’t honestly care what a person wears.  If they are smart, funny, decent, and just unique, then that is all that matters to me.  Granted, there are some people who view their own look as an extension of their artistry, but for the most part, it is all just glitter and fads.  People shouldn’t care about what you wear.  Who you are is all that should matter.

Until next time, a quote,

“I view my look as part of how I express myself as an artist.”  -Ann Valentine Jelineau

Peace out,



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