Christianity Can Dish It Out, But Can’t Take It

It never ceases really to amaze me how the Christian community, along with many religious communities really, can attack mercilessly, but cannot take a taste of their own medicine.  Does anybody remember that billboard that was up around Christmas last year?  I have a picture of it that I will show, which will illustrate for you what I am trying to say.  What I am trying to say is this – Christian American can dish out endless series of punishment, retribution, scathing, hatred, and venom, but cannot take even the slightest bit of criticism.  Here is the billboard –

Take a nice long look at that billboard.  Take a long look.  Let me ask you something – does that sound even the slightest bit confrontational to you?  Do you feel like you are somehow being attacked by that billboard?  I am, of course, asking any Christians who read my blog.  That is the atheist billboard.  The message is so tame, inane, and innocuous.  Take a look at this sign now –

So, how about this sign?  Does this sign seem very innocuous to you?  Does it make you feel like you are welcome and being treated fairly?  It doesn’t make me feel that way.  But signs like that are common all over the American landscape.  There are signs telling you implicitly and often explicitly that you are going to burn forever in Hell if you don’t start thinking and acting the way these “holy” Christians do.  These signs are accepted by the Christian community at large.  I hear things like, “that’s their faith” to justify these kinds of angry hateful messages that litter the landscape of our country.  This was supposed to be a land of the free where people would be tolerated.  Instead, it is a land of intolerance and bigotry.  Hatred is rampant.  It is everywhere.  It is all places across this country.  Why?

When a Christian gets on a person about their faith, they are supposed to just be tolerated?  People like Real Catholic TV can sing to the hills about how we need to stifle all these non-believers from speaking.  America needs to lose that pesky democracy and instead embrace a “benevolent dictator.”  Oh wait, I’m sorry, “Catholic monarchy.”  Right, Mike?  But when an atheist group puts up a sign that says pretty much, “Hey America, this is kind of silly.”  And the fact is that the birth of Jesus story is a myth.  All Christians who have two brain cells to rub together know that it is a myth (I am implying that the bulk of Christianity is ignorant, yes I am.  Not all of them, but most).  The fact that in the Gospels, the stories contradict one-another should be a really good sign that it is a myth.  The fact that the story of Jesus’ birth doesn’t appear in the gospel of Mark, the earliest one, at all should be a big tip.

Not to mention that whole virgin-birth thing is just really stupid.  It is really, really, really stupid, and all of the people who believe in that are equally stupid.  I still celebrate Christmas, but for an entirely different reason – it is a good time.  But back to my premise, that Christianity cannot take what they dish out.  I have come across a YouTuber recently named MrFilthyRags.  He is a criminally under-subscribed YouTuber who really needs more people to listen to his gospel of doubt.  He posted a video of various clips of our lovely “tolerant” religious community in this country.  In it, we got to see some of the most hateful speech that has ever come from human lips.

But what is the reaction from people when this happens?  Sure, there are some Christians who get in the faces of people like the ones in the video linked above and tell them that they don’t know what the Bible says, how Jesus hated religion and told everybody that the Kingdom of God is not a place, but a state of mind, and how he preached love, and tolerance.  But the overall Christian community just turns a blind eye and doesn’t look too hard at what could be very damaging to their faith.  Personally, I think that it is people like the Westboro Baptist Church who do the most damage to any remaining credibility of Christians.  Then of course there are people like Mike Voris, who has his own little rabid followers foaming at the mouth and creaming in their shorts for his every word.

But when an atheist talks about their point of view, they have people getting in their face and telling them that they are going to rot in Hell and how they are bad people.  Remember GrapplingIgnorance?  He had a YouTube account once upon a time where he could show his face.  But when his students found out, those who had liked him before suddenly hated him.  You can lose friends over not being religious.  Parents will disown children over that.  Atheism is treated like we are just endlessly attacking the world of religion.  Idiots like Glenn Beck come onto their shows and scream about how us atheists are trying to just bring their world crashing down.  This is the common response me and my ilk get from the religious community.

To paraphrase the words of DarkMatter2525, it is interesting how those who were once fed to the lions have now become them.  They are the lions, they are the predators.  They are the hunters who are relentlessly attacking those of us without faith who want only to disagree.  There are those who do not fall into this group, who rise above the petty hatred of their faith.  They rise above the actions of a bloodthirsty God who the Westboro Baptist Church and Mike Voris just love to death.  They can get above that ignorance, but it is still out there.  The hatred, the bigotry, it is still rampant in the world.  Christianity can dish out the vitrial and hatred, but can’t take even two seconds of honest discussion without screaming about how the atheists will burn in Hell.

Shut up, Christians.  Leave us atheists the fuck alone.  Do what your supposed “savior” would do – if you’ve got nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut.

Until next time, a quote,

“You don’t care about any of the things that fucking matter.  It’s always this retarded fake outrage over things that don’t really fucking matter, things that don’t really affect the world.  We have all these legitimate problems going on, and it’s like ‘Oh, an atheist billboard, whatever shall we do?!'”  -TJ Kincaid, Atheist Grinches?

Peace out,



8 thoughts on “Christianity Can Dish It Out, But Can’t Take It

  1. Lets see, you blast Christians after you lump them all into some group created in your own mind by spotty observations. Then you accuse them of ignorance, bigotry and intolerance, all the while unaware of these faults in yourself and so clearly expressed in your blog. Having been an anti- Christian for most of my life I understand your feelings, but they are based on false premises and misinformation. Seriously — you think Christian can’t “take it” — you should read more broadly.

    • You didn’t notice how I said that not all of them are ignorant, bigoted, and intolerant, didn’t you? You did catch how I talked about the precious few who actively work to be good people, right? You didn’t just skim over my post and make a sudden assumption, correct? I love having discussions, but you judge me quickly and based probably on bits and pieces that I put in this post. Maybe I’m not the one with the narrow focus. By the way, I don’t care what people believe in. As long as they are not bigoted, I have no problem with them. I am not a bigot. Well, I am a bigot against bigots, go figure. I am not intolerant. I just want people to keep out of my face.

      Next time, when you’re going to debate with me, read what I write. It helps.

      Peace out,


      • By the way, you call yourself anti-Christian, and you are calling me intolerant? Wow…epic fail..

  2. I’m not an athiest but you do raise some good points. Moderen religion is more about following the status quo than many people realize. Are there good Christians? Yea there are. Some of my diffuculty is that these religions want to OWN God. They really want to control the God agenda.

    I do know this though, they won’t change. In fact, they can’t change. The only change that can occur is when some life event occurs in which it won’t be able to fit in their idea of things. Only then can they question their prior motives and intentions.

    Thanks. Keep Blogging. Keep Writing.

    • Thank you for the comment. I agree whole-heartedly. Even as an atheist, I can still dig some of what Jesus said. Jesus hated religion. He hated it whole-heartedly. He said himself that the Kingdom of God was a state of mind, a state of being, not a place. People want to own their god or gods so much that they ignore the teachings that these gods espoused. I’ll keep hoping for change. I am hoping to effect it for the better. That is my hope, anyway.

      Peace out,


  3. Roughly 5 years late in commenting here, but I recently found this post.
    I came to a mid – Southern area of the U.S. Bible Belt in 2008. My relatives are all rather conservative both politically & religiously : Homophobic, somewhat bigoted & wary of any new, different ideas. Apparently they’re unfamiliar with the Biblical injunction ” judge not, lest you be judged “.
    If I offer up even an objective statement about their ideas / beliefs, it gets minimized if not outright slapped down.I’m fairly open – minded & that does NOT PLAY very well in the Belt.
    The kicker is that so many Christians refer to Leviticus & the OT to justify their intolerance, lack of empathy & lack of forgiveness. It’ll bite them in the tuchis someday…..

    • Actually, those people are closer to the mark than you’d think. So many people want to claim that the New Testament has overridden the Old Testament, but that isn’t true. Jesus himself said that he didn’t come to abolish the Laws of Abraham. He came to fulfill them. So yeah, as much as I think Christianity is bullshit, I gotta give the WBC this much – they are more in line with what the “good book” says than the liberals who want to pretend that the bad stuff just up and ditched when Jesus showed up.

  4. Reblogged this on thepageofdaniel and commented:
    As a resident of the Bible Belt, I have had to put up with a fair amount of intolerançe, closed – mindedness, paranoia, distrust ( directed towards other groups ), casual bigotry, misuse / abuse of Biblical passages, & having my POV minimized. Strict adherence to religion kills grey cells :), & smothers the human spirit.

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