Update: Assembly Candidate Forum at UAA

So, I posted some rather kind things to Liz Vasquez, before remembering why this woman is on the liberal shit-list. I removed what I had said from the previous blog, but I will give the woman props for one comment.

She said that legislation like Ordinance 64 is in the Justic Department’s court, and I actually kind of agree with her there. Legal action should be brought court, and she is right, strictly legally speaking. Of course, I am as outraged as anyone at what happened with that debacle, but personally, I know that those in favor could have, and really should have, brought the issue to court. The ball kind of is in the Justice Department’s court, if the people wanted it to be. So that is why I said some kind things about the woman, and said I backed her.

But then, I looked at what she stands for, and I realized why she was originally on my shit-list.

Peace out,


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