Liberals Need to Step Up or Step Off

Originally, I had been planning to do this blog post about people wanting things in life to be simpler, and that is why there are all these conspiracy theories, but after what has happened tonight, I just can’t focus on that.  My thoughts are elsewhere.  My thoughts are in a very dark place, thinking about the future, and about the things that people in this country claim to be for, but seem to never be willing to stand up and defend.  There is a dissidence in this country between how the liberal community believes, and how ready they are to defend it. 

Tonight, I had an interview with John and Heather Aronno for my story for the newspaper next week.  I won’t deny that it started out pretty professional, but ended not so professionally.  I’m not regretting that for a second, but I will admit that my level of professionalism did lack a bit.  Still, it was a good time.  I enjoy talking to John and Heather.  They are two of my favorite people, and people that I genuinely look up to.  They are the real deal when it comes to being liberal, and they are actually standing up and fighting for what they believe in.  That’s pretty unusual in the liberal community these days. 

The interview was about the upcoming municipal elections, and the forum that is about to happen here at the UAA campus for the assembly candidates.  Apparently, there are a lot of unique things about this year’s elections.  For one thing, Dan Fagan is not on the radio this election cycle.  This is good for the liberal candidates who are the major players this year.  First there is Mike Gutierrez, who is running for Section 5, Seat I, and represents East Anchorage.  Then, there is Harriet Drummond, who is running for Section 3, Seat E, in West Anchorage.  These two are considered the underdogs by some parts of the liberal community.  The third major candidate is Elvi Gray-Jackson, who is running for Section 4, Seat G, in Midtown.  She is considered to be a shoe-in, but John pointed out that that may be an assertion that could prove incorrect.  It truly is anybody’s race this year.

There are a number of issues that are up this year, and a real problem that these elections are focused on, unofficially.  You see, this election is special for another reason- because this is the first time that the mayor of Anchorage is publically backing the candidates who oppose those mentioned above.  Mayor Sullivan is openly conservative, and is openly backing the major conservative talking points- getting rid of unions, cutting taxes while cutting social programs, privatizing public transportation, and he has talked down ideas for bringing in revenue to this state. 

What makes this election so important is the fact that, up until now, there has a been a left-wing majority on the Assembly, which has kept mayor Sullivan’s power in check.  If those running against Gutierrez, Drummond, and Gray-Jackson are successful in defeating them, this will basically give the mayor completely unrestrained power.  It is like giving every crazy idea that enters his dim-witted head a rubber-stamp of approval.  Thus far, Mayor Sullivan has done enough damage.

One thing which actually depresses me is that the police budget has been cut so massively that we have good, hard-working and talented detectives (detectives!) checking parking meters.  We have experienced detectives from narcotics, homicide, sex-crimes, the whole shebang, patrolling the streets.  Crime levels have reflected this pathetic new plan of action implemented by our dear Mayor and his little in-crowd.

This election matters.  This election is important.  This could spell the entire future for the next few years for Anchorage, and you know what?  Around 20% of the fucking population or registered voters of Anchorage votes in MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS!!  This is bullshit!  Last year, roughly 18% of the registered voters in Anchorage voted in the municipal elections.  The year before, 22%.  This is unacceptable.  And it brings me to what I am talking about.

Liberals, you either need to step the fuck up, or step the fuck off!  That’s it.  If you don’t want to get out and make a difference in your community, don’t bitch when things go wrong.  And if the conservative candidates running against those I just mentioned win out, things will go wrong.  It is a guarantee that if Sullivan has the power to basically do whatever he wants, completely unopposed (or may as well be unopposed), it is an understood fact that a lot of programs in this city will go to shit.

There is a disease in this country.  It is a disease that only the liberal community seems to have.  I gotta give some absolute credit to the Tea Party.  As much a bunch of bigoted assholes as they are, they have a gift at rallying their base to get to the voting polls.  My buddy Ceezar told me a story about how he went to a Tea Party rally (I don’t know why he was there, he is a hardcore liberal) and heard the speaker screaming about how they had to vote, or get registered to vote, or else!  These people have a gift at getting their base to vote that the liberals seem to completely lack.

The fact is that in the war between left and right in this country, the conservative community holds all the power.  John made a rather compelling point that in the 90’s, it used to be that there would be all kinds of legislation talked about.  Legalizing pot (which is so dumb that it isn’t already), gun legislation, gay marriage, you name it, all the major liberal concepts that we talk about were actually able to be talked about.  But now, the conservatives had kept these issues completely off the table by making it so that the liberals are constantly fighting it out against the crazy-ass ideas that they are in favor for.  The liberals spend so much time fighting the insanity that the real ideas just fade away.

But more than that, it is the 18% of voters who actually vote in municipal elections here in Anchorage that just pisses me off.  It pisses me off so much, because I hear people complaining all the time about how things are in this country, but how many of them go out and vote?  I hear liberals all over whining and complaining that things in this country are bad, but I have heard a lot of the same liberals saying tha thtey don’t vote because they don’t like the party system, or they think that the government is corrupt, and that they are making some kind of grand statement by not voting.  That’s bullshit!  You’re not protesting the system by not getting involved, you’re just making it easier for those who want to turn this country into the magical land of the 1950’s a golden ticket into seats of power.

On a national level, shit is fucked up, but here, on the local level, people can actually make a difference.  And that difference can travel up the chain, if people will stick with it.  Fighting power is possible, if people are willing to elect in the people that we know want to help.  And the liberals who say that they are liberals, but don’t vote because of bullshit this or bullshit that, need to just shut up.  If you aren’t willing to get into the ring and fight for what you believe in, I don’t want to hear it.  Seriously, to all you left-of-helpful liberals out there, fuck you.

Until next time, a quote,

“The reason that voting doesn’t work is because nobody does it.”  -John Aronno

Peace out,


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