Proving Atheism is True? Really?!

There has been a rather interesting pattern in some of my discussions with religious people that I thought I should bring up.  It was mirrored by a rather famous YouTuber named ShockofGod.  The argument that they made was for atheists to prove that their stance is true.  There have been some rather awesome responses to his challenge.  I recently was asked in person, by a guy who has a rather unpleasant demeanor toward me, to do the same thing. 

Let me start by saying that people who want me to prove atheism is true are idiots.  They have a simple lack of understanding of the English language.  For one thing, the only thing that a person can learn from one’s position of atheism is that they lack a belief in God.  That’s it.  That’s all it means.  His challenge for atheists to prove atheism as true was a completely lacking challenge.  And people who echo it are just as misinformed and foolish.

My position of atheism means nothing beyond the context of me not believing in God.  That is as far as it goes.  People who don’t get that are intellectually dead.  And it is the same for all the other people who are of an atheist mindset.  Some of the responses to ShockofGod’s challenge were awesome.  My personal favorite YouTuber, TheAmazingAtheist, made the best.  Of course, there was another favorite of mine, tooltime9901 made a great response as well.  The fact is that people who want prof that atheism is true- it exists!  That’s as close to the context of the question as an answer can possibly be.  Asking for proof that it is true is basically asking for proof that it is real.  For real, that is as close to the literal useage of the word “true” as I can be without going off into Never-Never-Make-Senseland.

I gave that same response to the guy who got in my face about my lack of belief, and he took this as a sign of surrender.  Basically, I was admitting that I couldn’t produce evidence, and all of his exclamations were bullshit.  For one thing, the burden of proof for the existence of a supreme being is not, and has never been, in the hands of those who don’t believe.  For real, it isn’t.  I got a comment on a previous blog post that I did from a man who asked me to produce evidence of the lack of a God.  I responded that I could not do this, because there really is no evidence of a lack of a God, much the same way that there is no evidence of a god existing anyway.  When a group of people claims that they believe in something, it is up to THEM to prove the merits of their belief, not those who disbelieve.

That has been one of the key things that I have been having a problem with- religious people clinging to the fact that atheists cannot prove that there isn’t a God.  I hate to break it to you, religious people, but that’s not on me to prove.  The burden or proof is on all of you, and to date, there has been NO concrete evidence that can withstand a skeptic’s challenge.  Every time religious people try and furnish scientific evidence for their claims, a REAL scientist comes in and proves them dead-wrong. 

Now, as the proving a concept of belief true, that is just so dumb!  It is a state of mind, nothing more.  Proving that it is true is much like saying “prove the fact that you are turned on by the thought of brunettes with big boobs” (there can be some physical reaction for this one, but let’s avoid that, shall we?).  A state of mind cannot be proven true or false because it isn’t an assertion of a fact, or a theory that can be tested.  It is neither physical nor testable.

What really bugs me is the fact that people think that the concept of religion is ordinary because of it being constantly repeated.  It is enormous, and probably the largest concept that there is.  For a concept as large as religion, that must be very compelling evidence for it.  You cannot make claims as massive as the ones that organized religion does and not have compelling evidence.  The fact that religion doesn’t have compelling evidence to back up their claims should say something to people.  But it doesn’t. 

There was a phone call to a program called The Atheist Experience about this.  They originally ignored ShockofGod’s question, because they knew how non-sensical it was.  But when those who bought into the question (and the man himself) pressed the issue on the show, they said the exact truth- the atheist position is that we do not accept the belief system which has, thus far, produced no compelling evidence.  It really is that simple. 

The problem is that people who spout this kind of stuff- challenges to atheists to prove that they don’t believe in God, and to back up their claims that there isn’t a God, are people who aren’t really looking to acquire and real knowledge.  They are really just looking for ego-stroking.  The aforementioned commentor on my blog asked for me to produce proof.  I’m not an idiot.  Asking for things like that is a way to get an atheist to hang themselves, metaphorically.  To hoist an atheist by their own petard with bad logic.  ShockofGod was like the other big-time religious video maker VanomFangX in that he habitually deleted comments on his page of stuff that he didn’t want to hear. 

This brings me to how I tend to view religion.  Religion is a concept that openly mocks people, but is unable to logically refute ANYTHING.  They will implicitly and often explicitly say that they are right, and that if you don’t follow their way of thinking, you will suffer for all eternity in Hell.  They have this belief that they are somehow superior people because of a belief in God, and that the rest of us are just idiots or damned, and are just not worthy of their time and their regard.

Religion and those who are religious are just failing in their campaign againt atheism because they are still unable to meet the skeptic’s challenge, and the disillusionment is becoming more and more apparent.  It is finally beginning to happen more and more here in America, as it has happened in Europe.  Atheism and Agnosticism are growing rapidly, and that is a good thing. 

Religion, I am still waiting on the proof.  Don’t ask me to prove my ideals if you can’t give me proof of yours.

Until next time, a quote,

“I waved the white flag, ShockofGod?!  The only thing I recal waving at you is this middle finger right here!”  -Terroja Kincaid, GOD IS REAL(ly an antiquated social construct that must be eschewed in the name of social progress) 

Peace out,


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